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KST Technique

Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a treatment that removes deep set memorized muscular stress patterns that we develop from different stresses we encounter in our lives, from a little child through the teen years and adult years.

Physical stresses can be stresses like texting on a phone or on a computer for multiple hours a day or a large physical trauma like whiplash.

Chemical stresses that get memorized in the body, come mainly from chemicals in processed foods we have eaten in the past or currently. Smoking, medications and fumes are another source of chemical stress.

Mental/Emotional stresses are common in our society like; poor job environments, relationship issues and financial issues. Large emotional stresses will definitely cause memorized stress patterns. Some of these stresses are bankruptcy, divorce and a death of a loved one. Even though you may not currently be under stress, your past stresses may be preventing you from enjoying a full healthy life.

These memorized muscular stress patterns cause an abnormal pull on the structure of the body and pull your spinal out of alignment and start to affect nerve function. This condition is called a SUBLUXATION. When tissue at the end of the nerves don't receive proper nerve signals, they malfunction and a "Underlying Health Problem" begins. At first this malfunctioning tissue doesn't give you any discomfort or symptoms. But, over time when the tissue gets sick enough or malfunctions enough, you start to have symptoms like pain, digestive issues, hormonal issues, sciatica, headaches, concentration issues, brain fog ect... Everything in your body is controlled by nerves and in order for you to be healthy you need to have all nerve signals get from your brain to every cell of your body and back to the brain again without any interference.

Dr. Bart has advance training in KST and is able to gently remove these deep seated stress patterns that are the underlying cause of most health issues. This technique is equally effective on infants, children, youth and adults.

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